Viper Witcher

ExpansionWay Of The Witcher
ArtistValeriy Vegera
Release Date2020.12.08
Flavor TextViper Witchers are trained to fight with twin blades, often referred to as "fangs". This style focuses on fast and furious strikes aimed to overwhelm their target, be it monster or man.


strdefptagscard textperiod/patch/changesdecks%
4---5WitcherDeploy: Give Bleeding (2) to an enemy unit.
Adrenaline 6: If it's not a Token, Spawn a base copy of that unit at the top of opponent's deck.
2021.07.06 - present
9.1.0 | nerf
4---5WitcherDeploy: Give Bleeding 2 to an enemy unit.
Adrenaline 6: Spawn a copy of that unit at the top of opponent's deck.
2020.12.08 - 2021.07.06
8.0.0 | release

Faces, tokens, & other parts

Location | artifact | 8p
Resilience. Deploy: Spawn and play Viper Witcher Adept, Viper Witcher, Viper Witcher Mentor or Viper Witcher Alchemist. Order: Move a unit from your opponent's graveyard to the top of their deck.

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