Bear Abomination (token)

ExpansionCrimson Curse
ArtistValeriy Vegera
Release Date2019.03.28


strdeftagscard textperiod/patch/changes
6---Beast, CultistDoomed.
2021.06.08 - present
9.0.0 | buff
2020.04.02 - 2021.06.08
6.1.0 | buff
2019.03.28 - 2020.04.02
2.0.0 | release

Faces, tokens, & other parts

Human, Cultist | 6 str | unit | 6p
Deploy: Transform a damaged allied unit into a Bear Abomination.
Cultist, Human, Warrior | 5 str | unit | 5p
At the end of your turn, damage self and a random enemy unit by 1. Berserk 3: Transform into a Bear Abomination.
Raid | special | 4p
Damage an enemy unit by 2. Deathblow: Spawn a Bear Abomination and Summon it to a random allied row.
Cultist, Human | 4 str | unit | 4p
Berserk 2: Transform into a Bear Abomination.


leader ability | 16p
Order: Damage an allied unit by 1. Charge: 5. Once all Charges are used up, Spawn a Bear Abomination on a random allied row.

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